Maximize Automation. Elevate Experiences. Boost ROI.

FusionAI represents the result of decades of cutting-edge research and development in the field of AI. It harmonizes a wide spectrum of AI technologies, encompassing logic computing, semantic reasoning, constraint-based solver, Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Large Language Models (LLMs), to solve the real-world problems efficiently.

FusionAI provides you with the power to automate tasks and processes of any level of complexity by transforming your documents written in plain English into Digital Agents without the need for programming expertise. These Digital Employees, just like their human counterparts, excel at resolving intricate issues using your enterprise data and engaging in natural conversations across Voice, SMS, and social media channels.


Anyone with or without technical background can create, train, and deploy Digital Agents from documents written in plain English.

Integrate Data

FusionAI integrates your enterprise data by simply referencing the name such as <name of employee> in your documents, and the value of <name of employee> will be securely retrieved or updated according to the context. You can apply your data the same way for arithmetic calculations, logical reasoning, and presentations, all without the need for programming or coding skills.

Elevate Experiences

Digital Agents are trained from the documents and immediately ready to assist customers through voice, SMS, and social media channels, ensuring fluid and natural interactions with a human touch.

Below are sample clips depicting real interactions between Charlie, our Digital Employee, and users. Click Here to view additional examples.

Call Charlie to report static on line.
Call Charlie to buy an iPhone.
Call Charlie to report seeing tree branches on telephone lines.
Interact with Charlie via Apple Siri.
Ask Amazon Alexa driven by Charlie for help with call waiting and call trace.
Seek help to setup tv remote via SMS.
collaborate with Humans

Digital Agents seamlessly collaborate with human employees as needed to address your customer’s needs. Once the matter is resolved, the human employee disengages himself to assist other digital employees. The Digital Agents takes the lead while the human employee provides support. This revolutionary approach reduces the human intervention to just a fraction of the call.