Intelligent Service Agent (ISA) is a customer service solution built on FusionAI for a major telecommunication company. ISA has been in production since 1997. It has delivered excellent ROI. ISA is a winner out of multiple “best of breed” reviews due to mergers and acquisitions. Our technologies have been expanded from multiple regional “flavors” to become the universal state-of-the-art deployment. 

ISA is integrated with over 50+ operational support systems from billing, service order, dispatch, switch, and facilities, to testing and beyond. We have captured and implemented over 5000+ institutional rules in the knowledge base, plus over 200+ decision tables that range from troubleshooting techniques, testing results interpretation, regulatory mandates, methods and procedures, and beyond. There are over 16 million decision points implemented and utilized to manage millions of trouble tickets annually with 99.99% operational availability.

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State of the Art

For the past fifteen years our goal has been to deliver innovative solutions and world class service. We have a consistent and proven record of on-time and on-budget delivery of innovative business solutions.

The natural language voice interface provided by FusionAI leverages the existing ISA knowledge base, engine, and backend system portfolio and utilizes existing IVRs to provide cost-effective breakthroughs for customer service. The system receives and responds to customers’ calls in conversational English, and is able to perform virtually any task, both simple and complex, that a human representative can accomplish, without human intervention.  Should a customer struggle with the interface, FusionAI will transparently collaborate a live representative in the background and enable them to respond to the customer’s issues via the voice response system and exit the customer call, leaving the platform in control for the remainder of the customer interaction.

Initial internal analysis indicates the natural language capability will increase the current customer call automation rate in excess of 10% and the representative-assisted call AHT will be reduced by more than 63%.  

Though customers will be able to recognize they are engaged with a “machine,” they will not be aware of the seamless engagement of live operator support. ISA also has the capability of providing improved dispatch results through identifying the delta between the reported characteristics of the case of trouble and the technician’s on-site analysis.  This data can be provided on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. FusionAI will expand customer service channels while reducing AHT (labor costs) and meeting the customer in their channel of choice. 


In today’s mobile and interconnected marketplace, competitive pressures demand your services and applications to be securely accessible from any device, to anyone, anytime and anywhere. Unfortunately, achieving such an objective has been costly and time-consuming because development is generally required for each access channel.

Our proprietary channel technology delivers service over Any Device, to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere, all in plain English conversation. 

For customer self-service, access alone is not enough: an intuitive and easy to use interface is essential. There is no better user interface for customer self-service than plain English. Digital Agent enables customers to perform self-service in conversational English—just as they would with human agents. 

Digital Agent enables automated plain English conversations without human agent participation. Consequently, this translates to significant labor cost reductions and better, more nimble customer service. 

Digital Agent is essentially a clone of a human agent, which possesses both Natural Language Processing (NLP) capability and business know-how provided by the knowledge base.


The “knowledge” of ISA derives from the knowledge base where your institutional knowledge, methods, procedures, practices, and business strategies reside.

FusionAI implements multi-level security. First, users are centrally authenticated and authorized to gain access. Second, each channel is protected through channel security. Additionally, security can be implemented at the user and/or group level. For example, company proprietary data can be withheld from external users such as CLECs. 

One Engine Drives All

In typical development environments, channels are usually developed and maintained as separate applications though they perform the same business function. FusionAI enables you to share backend integration and the knowledge base across all channels without added IT effort. In our environment, a single engine delivers features, functions, and business logic to all channels. You develop one application, you test one application, and you maintain one application for all channels. This approach provides significant improvements in time to market and reduces IT costs, while also reducing future maintenance costs.

Additionally, it allows fast fixes and enhancements. Once an enhancement or fix is made and deployed, it is transparently and instantly available to all channels and customers. 

ISA has been in production for over a decade with over 15 years of optimization and enhancements. FusionAI leverages the intellectual capital and financial investments in ISA and enables you to rapidly deliver its optimized features and functions to all customers and users through expanded channels.

FusionAI will not only dramatically expand access, but will also significantly expand the scope and complexity of issues being handled by customer self-service, because the FusionAI is driving all channels.

Human Collaboration

It is impossible to achieve a 100% automation rate. There are always issues that require human attention. When such situation arises, ISA transparently collaborates with human agents to resolve the issue, then continue to interact with the customer independently.

Our proprietary collaboration technology provides a paradigm shift where we avoid transferring the remainder of the call to a live agent by entering the contact and the specific issue, and then allowing the system to address any remaining issues without further human involvement. To ensure a positive customer outcome, your representative may be allowed to continue to monitor the interaction to be confident the customer’s needs are addressed. 

Learning and Adapting

FusionAI continuously improves itself through learning and adapting under the supervision of your staff in real-time and in production without IT involvement. Performance can be improved in two significant aspects:

  • Learns English language permutations such as dialects, slang, product name, etc. 
  • Adapts the knowledge base to improve the quality of decisions and expand the scope of customer issues being addressed.

Learning and adapting is designed to provide ongoing reduction of live-agent engagement, increase the automation rate, and improve the quality of dispatches, leading to additional reductions of AHT and cost.

To reduce cost, you have to automate. To automate, you need knowledge in one form or another. Capturing and extracting knowledge is expensive and time-consuming. FusionAI can “execute” Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Visio) documents written in English, allowing new features and functionalities can be implemented literally overnight without requirement analysis, design, programming, or testing.  

When an exception arises, a live agent is brought into the customer call via collaboration. Once the issue is resolved by the agent, the live agent can then document how to address the issue for future callers.    Once this recommendation is reviewed and deployed, the same issue can be addressed without collaboration in the future. This “system training” can occur in real-time in production. This system training does not require programming and deployment of the new information.


Reduce AHT by More Than 63%

As a result of the scenario above, the involvement of a live agent is significantly reduced during customer contacts. Today, your average AHT is approximately 270 seconds. With the collaboration technology, the average AHT is projected to be less than 100 seconds, more than 60% reduction in labor. 

  1. Full automation – we estimate that we can increase the automation rate by 10% over your existing IVR because we push 100% of ISA capability to the voice channel. Your existing IVR can only handle a small subset of customer issues.
  2. Semi-automation – For cases that require involvement of a live agent, we can reduce the AHT by more than 63% with the paradigm shift approach of seamless engagement. 
  3. No automation – For customers who absolutely refuse to “talk to a machine,” there is little opportunity for improvement, but this group could be partially persuaded through use of the natural language interface and the expanded scope of dissues that can be automated in both 1 and 2 above.

Handle Complex Issues

ISA enables the management of any customer issues that a live representative can manage today. This is a significant change from your current IVR environment where only a handful of customer call scenarios is addressed.

Improve Quality of Dispatch

ISA improves the quality of dispatch. ISA captures and retains all the dispatch decision data in its footprint database. We can link the field decision to the records in the footprint, and identify any discrepancies. These discrepancy cases can then be integrated into the decision improvement process and utilized to further refine the knowledge base decision processes. Once the cases are integrated, future dispatch decisions will reflect the improved process. This process can occur daily, weekly, or monthly, and can be fully automated or provided for administrative review before implementation.

Elevate User Experiences

The embedded natural English conversation capability provides a better, more natural user experience. The internet community channels such as Facebook and Twitter provides new convenient, inexpensive customer service channels.

As a result, it will shed calls to call centers, expand access, increase the rate of automation, provide a better user experience, and therefore increase customer satisfaction and loyalty while reducing labor costs.

Expand Self-Services

Once an application is deployed to FusionAI, it is instantly available for customer self-service without additional development and programming.

Reduce IT Cost

The learning and adapting capability resident in FusionAI supports continuous self-improvement without IT investment and effort. The learning and adapting occurs in real-time and in production. As a result, it will continue to reduce AHT cost, increase the automation rate, and improve the quality of dispatches.

Support Offshore, Onshore and Home-shore

Our engagement technology will support operations regardless of their physical location.

FusionAI is a cutting edge intelligent application platform, which provides better customer service, provides a better user experience, significantly reduces AHT, increases the level of automation, and improves quality of dispatches. The bottom line is that it significantly reduces service costs and improves customer service.