From the initial deployment of ICAS in 1997, CyberObject have been working to extend and expand ICAS (Intelligent Customer Advocate System). Following multiple “best of breed” reviews ICAS has been expanded from multiple regional “flavors” to become the current universal state of the art ISA deployment. 

ISA has been fully integrated with over 50 operational support systems from billing, service order, dispatch, switch, and facilities, to testing and beyond. We have captured and implemented over 5000 institutional rules in the ISA knowledge base plus over 200 decision tables that range from troubleshooting techniques, testing results interpretation, regulatory mandates, methods and procedures, and beyond. There are currently over 16 million decision points implemented in ISA that are utilized to manage more than 17 million trouble tickets annually with 99.9% operational availability.

For the past fifteen years our goal has been to deliver innovative solutions and world class service. We have a consistent and proven record of on-time and on-budget delivery of innovative business solutions.

IPlatform leverages the evolutionary history and investment in ISA.  IPlatform utilizes the existing ISA knowledge base, decision tables and connectivity to a diverse portfolio of backend operating systems and databases to enable an unprecedented variety of internal or external user interfaces.  The most prominent of these user interfaces are SMS or texting, Chat (messaging) and the voice natural language interface.

The natural language voice interface implemented with the existing ISA knowledge base, engine and back end system portfolio and utilizing existing IVRs provides a cost effective breakthrough as a customer service tool.  Customer calls to the system in conversational English are able to perform virtually any task (both simple and complex) that a live representative can accomplish without human intervention.  Should a customer struggle with the interface, IPlatform will engage a live representative (in background) transparently enable the representative to respond to the customer’s issues via the voice response system and exit the customer call leaving the platform in control of the remainder of the customer interaction.

Initial internal analysis indicates the natural language capability will increase the current customer call automation rate in excess of 10% and the representative assisted call AHT will be reduced by more than 63%.  

Though customers will be able to recognize they are engaged with a “machine” they would not be aware of the seamless engagement of live operator support.  ISA also has the capability of providing improved dispatch results through identifying the delta between the reported characteristics of the case of trouble and the technician’s on-site analysis.  This data can be provided on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.IPlatform will expand customer service media alternatives while reducing AHT (labor costs) and meeting the customer in their media of choice.